Two Strand Love Charm Bracelet - Kenya
$ 30.00

Love is like the two strands of this bracelet; each individual on their own is complete but, when two lives come together to form one, a charm is attached, and this charm is love. The cow bone beads are hand-carved to form this stretchy bracelet.åÊ

Product Features:

  • Stretch bracelet
  • Hand-carved, mud-dyed cattle bone beads made with centuries-old techniques and traditional patterns
  • Materials: Cattle bone, elastic cord
  • Dimensions: 1.25 inch wide x 63.5 mm in inner diameter
  • Fair trade product from Kenya

The technique and motifs for dyeing with mud is a centuries old tradition of the Bamana tribe, passed down from mother to daughter. The process calls for numerous applications of iron rich mud, which is gathered and fermented for up to one year. This process is paired with traditional art forms of batik dyeing and carving. Made by an artisan group that works to promote peace among the African tribes by focusing on intertribal work projects and cultural understanding.