Trade Bead Necklace - Kenya
$ 68.99
Trade beads were brought to West Africa over 500 years ago by Arab traders and were once the basis of the monetary system in Africa. They are made into beads and interspersed with hand-carved, mud-dyed bone beads and brass fittings in this elegant necklace.
Product Features:
  • Hand-painted trade beads
  • Colors: Red, green, blue, brown, black, white, and yellow
  • Metal: Brass
  • Materials: Powdered glass painted beads, and brass metal chain
  • Dimensions: approx. 42" long
  • A fair trade product from Kenya
This necklace is handmade by two brothers who grew up in the slums near Nairobi. At a young age, they learned to work together to help provide for their family. These young men now have families of their own. They formed an artisan community to discuss business practices and help other vendors become successful and financially independent.