Teal Short Melon Seed Set - Colombia
$ 15.00

Necklace and earrings feature vibrant teal and orange dried melon seeds hand-woven onto a teal colored cord. åÊåÊ

Product Features:

  • Earrings match necklace with large cluster of seeds.
  • Dried and dyed watermelon seeds
  • Adjustable length slip-knot closure
  • Fully extended necklace dimension: approx. 12.11" long
  • Earring Dimension: approximately 1.12" long
  • A fair trade product from ColombiaåÊ

Handmade by a cooperative of women in Colombia working together to sustainably harvest, dry and hand-color indigenous seeds to create unique jewelry.åÊ Their inspiration comes from their colorful cultural traditions and teachings of finding beauty in Mother Nature's abundant gifts.åÊ Their desire is to teach the children to incorporate these ideals with building a strong economic and community-based future for themselves.