Tagua Ring Assortment - Colombia
Tagua Ring Assortment - Colombia Tagua Ring Assortment - Colombia
$ 18.00

These hand carved rings are made from tagua seeds found in the rainforest. Each piece is a unique gift from mother nature that creates a fashion statement you can wear.

Product Features:

  • Color:
    • Type 1: Comes is a base color with a slight to expressive marbling of white and black intermixed
      • Base colors: Magenta, Dark to Forest Green, Maroon to Brown, Black
    • Type 2: Generally comes in a black base with a geometric or Animal print design. Some designs may have other colors like orange, yellow, purple, pink, light blue, and lime green.
  • Ring Size: 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8
  • Dimensions: 20 to 35mm wide
  • Sustainable, natural material, hand carved, hand painted
  • Fair Trade product of Colombia
  • Materials: Tagua nut, lacquer

Made by a woman's group in Colombia whose inspiration come from their rich and vibrant culture. Their goal is to teach their children to incorporate culture and sustainable practices into all business models.