Rwandan Sisal - Purple Passion - 23 1/2 inch Round Wall Art  - Rwanda
$ 180.00

This unique and geometric 23 1/2 inch round wall art would look stunning on your wall or placed in the middle of your table for a gorgeous pop of color. åÊ This piece is made of sisal and natural fibers that have been sustainably harvested, dried and woven together with create thisåÊbeautiful piece of art or extra large trivet.

Product FeaturesåÊ
  • Materials:åÊnatural fibers, sisalåÊ
  • Color: åÊTones of ivory, purple, lavender and browns
  • Dimensions: Approximately 23 1/2 inch in diameter, due to the handmade nature size will vary some.
  • This is a fair trade product from Rwanda

Basket Weaver Rwanda

This art has been a part of the Rwandan culture for thousands of years, but it was only after the genocide of 1994 that they became a source of income for many families.åÊThe proceeds aid in providing health care, schooling, and consoling for the community.åÊEach piece is unique and represents the hopes of many women and their families.