Rwandan Sweetgrass Vase Tall - Brown, Black  - Rwanda
$ 65.00

This unique and geometric vase / basket is made of native Rwandan sweetgrass that has been harvested, dried and woven together to create this beautiful piece.

Product Features -

  • Approximate size: 11" high -  width graduates from 4 3/4" to 11"
  • Colors: Shades of brown, black,  and natural
  • Color shades and sizes may vary a bit due to the handmade nature of these items
  • Materials: Sweetgrass

Rwanda is a land of hope, pride and superior artisans. After the devastating genocide in 1994, 70% of the Rwandan population was women, many of them widows with children. Today those women are providing for their families through sales of their beautiful, traditional, hand crafted treasures.