Horseshoe Crab Metal Wall Art Sculpture - Haiti
$ 35.50

This prehistoric Horseshoe Crab can still be found swimming in the ocean today.åÊ

Product Features

  • •ÈÀMade of recycled metal drums
  • Hand cut, stampedåÊ
  • Due to the hand made nature of this sculpture, stamping patterns vary slightly
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Spray with a protective covering for outdoor use.
  • 10.75 L x 5.75 in. W x .5 in. DåÊ
  • A fair trade sculpture from HaitiåÊ

Haitian Metal Work Artist

Made in Haiti by a cooperative who is focusing on rebuilding their community. In addition to providing employment opportunities these pieces help fund children's projects, building and water projects within the community and counseling services.