Fine Sterling Silver Agadez Cross Earrings - Niger
$ 125.00

These stunning Agadez Cross sterling silver earrings are hand made in Niger.

  • åÊSize: 2" drop from ear, åÊcross 1 1/2" x åÊ1/2" at the widest
  • åÊCircle is center is a symbol for "the eye of the chameleon"
  • åÊLinear hatched border around the circle is symbolic of "the trace of the jackal"

** 99% fine sterling silver has a higher silver content than traditional sterling silver which is generally .925åÊ

Agadez Cross Symbol -åÊ

Agadez Cross is one of the 21 Tuareg Crosses in Niger. Each symbol represents one of these villages. The word "cross" is a term attributed by Europeans and is totally unrelated to the Tuareg language.

    Meet The Artist -åÊ

    Elhadji Koumama is from the tribe, Tuareg of Niger. åÊHis family has been making this gorgeous jewelry for 25 generations.

    The traditionally nomadic Tuareg are indigenous to the SaharaåÊdesert. They are often called ‰ÛÏthe Blue People of the desert‰۝ dueåÊto the indigo dye they use on their garments that stains theiråÊskin. åÊThe Koumama family collective lives in both Agadez andåÊNiamey, Niger.

    Over 50 silversmiths present their artistry. Each piece is handåÊhammered, beautifully engraved with the symbolism and motifsåÊof countless generations.åÊOver 200 people are supported by the sale of this jewelry.