About Global Handmade Hope

Who we are: Global Handmade Hope is a Fair Trade wholesale and retail store. We opened our doors on Nov. 16th, 2009 and offer sustainably produced items from around the world. You'll find a diverse array of Fair Trade home decor, accessories, apparel, kids' items and foods in our store - all produced fairly by artisans and farmers from developing countries. Global Handmade Hope carries many unique items that are made specifically for us. We invite you to travel the world with us as you shop our artisans' items from your comfy chair.

We believe the world is a Global Village.  Therefore, Global Handmade Hope has reached out to Fair Trade artisans in Colombia, South Africa, Turkey, Peru, Ecuador, India, Haiti, Guatemala, and the list goes.  Our outreach efforts are intended to extend our artisan network and social impact.

We have formed a partnership with The Salvation Army. We work within their initiative called Others, which aims to transform lives and alleviate poverty by promoting and utilizing the concept of Fair Trade.  Also known as "Trade for Hope", Others which was formerly called Sally Ann gives disadvantaged people hope, opportunities and a means to achieve their own independent development. We proudly represent their artisans from Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan, Moldova, and Peru. 


We are excited about building a strong network of Fair Trade partners throughout the world.


Our background: Global Handmade Hope began in 2009 after a trip to Rwanda. Our mission is to promote social justice, help families provide food, shelter, education and gain access to health care. We accomplish this goal by offering artists a place and opportunity to sell their goods. We firmly believe that our artists are amazing. Their creativity and hard work create a platform for our company to work within. We simply provide access to markets that they would not normally be able to reach. We strive to offer hope and to help all find the path that will lead them to God. With your support, we can make a difference in the world.  


What is Fair Trade? Fair Trade is a market-based system of social and economic development. Fair Trade empowers disadvantaged producers from developing countries to earn income and gain respect through trade. Fair Trade means:   -producers are paid a fair, living wage -producers are organized democratically, in co-operatives or unions -gender equality and no slave labor -no child labor -technical assistance and transparency -environmental protection   There are many Fair Trade items available in the US - coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, olive oil, body care products, spices, nuts, fruit (dried & fresh), sports balls, sugar, vanilla, flowers, crafts and accessories. Fair Trade is a growing movement in the US, and there are many opportunities for you to get involved and learn more. Visit TransFair USA, the Fair Trade Federation, or the World Fair Trade Organization website for more information on certification, membership standards, and available Fair Trade products.  

As members of the Fair Trade Federation, we follow the nine principles listed below:

  • Create Opportunities for Economically and Socially Marginalized Producers

  • Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships

  • Build Capacity

  • Promote Fair Trade

  • Pay Promptly and Fairly

  • Support Safe and Empowering Working Conditions

  • Ensure the Rights of Children

  • Cultivate Environmental Stewardship

  • Respect Cultural Identity


Who we support: Global Handmade Hope carries Fair Trade items from around the world, as well as unique items created in the USA by social enterprises. In addition, we reach out to various charities in each country and the communities we work in. We pray that God will use and direct our efforts so that we may be of the greatest service and that our work will glorify God's name.  


How you can get involved: The first step to supporting Fair Trade is switching your consumption to Fair Trade items!   *Buy Fair Trade coffee, holiday gifts, wine, etc, and encourage your friends, family, colleagues, and faith groups to do the same.   *Host a home party, a fundraiser, a gift exchange, a coffee date, or a dessert party using only Fair Trade items.   *Ask for Fair Trade at the grocery store, coffee shop, and gift store -- you vote with your dollar and these stores will listen to you if you ask them for Fair Trade.   *Become a fan of Global Handmade Hope on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @globalhandshope, and sign up for our e-newsletter! If you are a wholesale customer, please contact us, provide your tax ID number and we will add you to our newsletter specifically for wholesale accounts.  


Glory Projects

In 2013 we formed Glory Projects to extend our social impact and reach.  Glory Projects is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry dedicated to helping the needy and vulnerable in developing countries. We shine the light of God through fair trade by demonstrating that every person is valuable. By focusing on creating jobs that build a sustainable route out of poverty, we empower individuals to care for themselves and their families.

As a group, acting as the body of Christ, we focus on building a strong local community through education and involvement. We then share the fruits of our labor and God's gifts globally.

Glory Projects has partnered with other non-profits and NGO's to create programs that provide employment, shelter, education, healthcare, micro-finance projects and many other wonderful initiatives. 

Our hope is that sustainable work will be created and that a portion of proceeds are reinvested in orphan and vulnerable children's education and other needed community projects.  We believe education is a road to a better life.

We would love to discuss what talents and gifts you have to offer that will empower all of God's children to fulfill their destinies. What begins with our gift of time, talents, monetary support, and prayers will be turned into a self-sustaining project where the needy and vulnerable are empowered to care for their families and know the warmth and depth of God's love for them.