Glory Projects

In 2013 we formed Glory Projects to extend our social impact and reach.  Glory Projects is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry dedicated to helping the needy and vulnerable in developing countries. We shine the light of God through fair trade by demonstrating that every person is valuable. By focusing on creating jobs that build a sustainable route out of poverty, we empower individuals to care for themselves and their families.

As a group, acting as the body of Christ, we focus on building a strong local community through education and involvement. We then share the fruits of our labor and God's gifts globally.

Glory Projects has partnered with other non-profits and NGO's to create programs that provide employment, shelter, education, health care, micro-finance projects and many other wonderful initiatives. 

Our hope is that sustainable work will be created and that a portion of our proceeds are reinvested in orphan and vulnerable children's education.  We believe education is a road to a better life.

We would love to discuss what talents and gifts you have to offer that will empower all of God's children to fulfill their destinies. What begins with our gift of time, talents, monetary support, and prayers will be turned into a self-sustaining project where the needy and vulnerable are empowered to care for their families and know the warmth and depth of God's love for them.


Current Project

Peru needs your help – Flooding Emergency 

Many of you may have seen the news reports showing the flooding Peru is currently facing. In summary, the US State Department has reported that torrential rainfall has triggered flooding and landslides. The heavy rains are expected to continue into April. The government of Peru has declared a state of emergency in many areas. This heavy rainfall has resulted in extensive damage to homes, water supply facilities, schools, hospitals, roads, and bridges and there is limited potable water in many areas.

Due to this disaster, Blossom Inspirations, Global Handmade Hope and Glory Projects are teaming up with Care Peru to help provide aide to those affected by this emergency situation.

I would like to share with you some background information on Care Peru, as this is the “on the ground” NGO organization we have decided to partner with to help Peru’s flooding victims.

Each year Care responds to dozens of disasters reaching approximately 12 million people. First, they work with communities to prepare for and mitigate the impact of disasters. Then they partner with local groups to provide immediate assistance when an emergency rises. And finally, they work with survivors, especially women and children, to help them recover after the crisis.

Care Peru’s projects focus on goals similar to the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. Below are the key focus areas that Care outlines on their website.


  • Water and Sanitation
  • Education
  • Health, Food Security, and Nutrition
  • Climate Change
  • Economic Development
  • Emergencies and Risk Management


What you can do to help.

There is an urgent need for financial donations to provide immediate relief for the flood victims. Glory Projects, a 501c3, will be accepting donations through the end of April 2017, that will be consolidated and sent to Care Peru.

Beyond immediate financial relief, your purchase of fair trade items will provide aide by offering long-term employment support of artisans and their families as they rebuild. Please consider purchasing a fair trade product made by our Peru artisans. You can shop either on our site or from our project partner, Blossom Inspirations. 


You can extend your social impact by making a donation.