Golden Light Necklace - Rwanda
Golden Light Necklace - Rwanda Golden Light Necklace - Rwanda
$ 12.00

A one of kind necklace that reflects your inner golden light and shares it with the people of Rwanda.

Product Features:

  • Vibrant kitenge wax print fabric beads are inter-woven with multi-color paper beads, woven gold ribbon beads and multi color glass seed beads.
  • Each necklace is unique since the fabric beads are made from up-cycled fabric remnants.
  • Fabric colors and patterns will vary.
  • Beads are approximately one inch diameter.
  • Necklace length is 17 inches, lengths will vary slightly.
  • This is a fair trade product from Rwanda
Made in Rwanda by a group of women who have come together to focus on the future, rebuilding their lives and the economic situation of their families. The remnants of fabric and recycled paper serve as symbols of the rebuilding process, proving that a new and beautiful life can be created from the past.