Cana Flecha Multicolor Extra Small Cuff - Colombia
$ 8.00

Hand-woven Cana Flecha cuffs from Colombia. Cana Flecha, tall grass native to South America, is made into strips and is sun-dried, dyed, and woven by Colombian artisans that utilize ancestral pre-Colombian weaving techniques.

Product Features:

  • Cana Flecha cuffs approximately .04 in. width
  • Cuffs are open back to fit all wrist sizes
  • Great gifts with a cause for guys and girls
  • Naturally dyed and woven tall grass leaves
  • Color pallet varies
  • Pictures show the vast variety of colors
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly jewelry
  • Patterns vary
  • This is a fair trade product from Colombia

This cuff is made by a cooperative of women in Colombia working together to sustainably harvest, dry and hand-color indigenous materials to create unique jewelry. Their inspiration comes from their colorful cultural traditions and teachings of finding beauty in Mother Nature's abundant gifts. Their desire is to teach the children to incorporate these ideals with building a strong economic and community-based future for themselves.