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Did you know that October 3rd was World Habitat Day?  I did and I intended to get this blog out on that day but, as every entrepreneur knows there is too much to do and not enough time. So, even though I am a couple of days late I still think it is worth mentioning so that perhaps it will fall into your radar. 

In 1985 the UN General Assembly designated that each year the first Monday in October is World Habitat Day. So what exactly does this mean?  Well, the campaign's intent is to raise aware about the need for affordable housing for all in urban areas, towns and cities.

Your next questions must be, why is this important? Statistics show that approximately one quarter of the world's urban population live in slums and informal settlements.  It is forecasted that globally, a billion new houses are needed by 2025  to meet the growing urban demand.  This plight mainly affects the poor and vulnerable.  So who tends to be in these groups?  Mainly women, migrants, persons with disabilities and HIV, elder, youth and LGBT fall within the poor and vulnerable group.

I can't imagine being evicted from my home and being homeless.  It is a situation that has many causes and I believe it is important to address this issue.  This year Habitat III will be addressing this issue.  This is the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Development.  The meeting will take place in Quito, Ecuador, a place that I totally love and would be thrilled to have a home in, from October 17-20th.  Wish I could attend, perhaps one day!

If you would like more information on this conference here is a link to the UN's page.

Here's a picture from one of my trips to Quito.  It's not great but I love the madonna with wings that stands on top of Panecillo.  It can be seen from downtown Quito and is a pleasant site to view, especially if you take a walking tour of the city.  Also, I would be remiss if I didn't provide you a link to one of the items that is produced by our artisans in the area just click on the picture if you want to see the details. The products we bring you is our way of helping ensure that no one is homeless do to poverty.

Quito madonna with wings


Holy Family Nativity 


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