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The importance of girls education on families, communities, and economics

Chances are if you actively seek out Fair Trade gifts you understand the grassroots efforts of social change that are the underlying drivers of the Fair Trade economic model. This morning, thanks to Global Citizen, I found a video clip of Priyanka Chapra speaking about the fact that girls have the power the change the world.

There are a few key points in Priyanka's speech that resonate loud and clear with me because I have seen these and know that they are correct. Point number one, "15 million girls never learn to read or write as compared to 10 million boys". Point number two, "A girls education empowers families, communities, economies, and as a result, we will all do better."

Fair Trade gifts aide in the education of boys and girls by empowering a family to be able to send their children to school. Fair Trade gifts help fight sexual violence and stop child marriage by elevating the status of girls and women to that of a valuable contributor to their families income and well being.

Thank you, Priyanka, UNICEF, and Global Citizen for your efforts and the reminder of how vital the work at Global Handmade Hope - Glory Projects, and all the other Fair Trade organizations is to the vulnerable.

Here's the video clip of Priyanka speech about the Power of the Girl and the importance of education.  

We invite you to shop our artisans Fair Trade gifts this upcoming holiday season. Each and every ornament, necklace, placemat, candle, or whatever it might be that you are looking to give this holiday season, can also be blessing to the families who made the gift. I love the phrase Gifts that Give Twice, I think is sums up the concept of Fair Trade pretty good.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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