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March 24 is honored by the United Nations as “International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims.” Whew! That’s a mouthful. The point, though, according to the UN, is to “pay tribute to those who have devoted their lives to, and lost their lives in, the struggle to promote and protect human rights for all.”

We’d like to take the day to honor one of the civil rights leaders we admire: Mahatma Gandhi. He’s primarily known as the leader of India’s independence movement and the father of popular non-violent resistance methods still used around the world today, but he spent his entire adult life advocating for equality. He welcomed people from all of India’s castes into his home, urged unity and peace between India’s Hindu and Muslim populations, encouraged widespread civil disobedience in the fight for justice (and he was imprisoned several times), and also joined the independence movement that brought freedom from colonial rule to South Africa. Gandhi ultimately lost his life because of his activism, assassinated by a Hindu extremist, but is revered and honored to this day for his contributions to Indian history and our global society. His dedication to freedom, justice, and unity and impact on social justice work to this day is almost unmatched throughout history.

Despite the efforts of Gandhi and other modern-day leaders in India, poverty and violence persist in many Indian communities, and women are particularly vulnerable. Our fair trade partners in India, including Worldfinds and Matr Boomie, are building long-term partnerships with farmers and cooperatives in an effort to bring jobs, economic opportunity, and education to women and their families in India. We’ve intentionally chosen to work with producer groups that are lifting up women, farmers and artisans alike. We feel that lifting up women can, in turn, lift the nation. It is through these partnerships that we continue Gandhi’s work for equality for all Indians.

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