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I love to travel, I love culture and I love food.   In fact, during some of my travels to other countries, I have found that my love of food and my willingness to try new things has allowed me to form strong relationships with our artisans.

In most cultures business is conducted either over a meal or after a meal. Being invited to a have a meal is a real honor, especially in developing countries.  My first experience of dining with an artisan in their home was while I was in Rwanda.  I was invited to the artists house where the family had prepared a fish stew.  Really it was water with the entire fish, head and all.  It wasn't my favorite meal but you can bet that I ate everything they offered me. It would of been an insult if I didn't eat the food that was cooked because they were going without their meal so that I could eat.  I will never forget how proud the family was to offer me the meal. It is a special memory and one that I cherish.

I have not been able to travel abroad lately and the travel bug has really been biting.  So, this is how I am satisfying my travel itch. I recently found a new meal service called Sun Basket. I like that they offer organic ingriedants, that everything you need comes to your doorstep and requires no planning other than picking your dishes.  I also like that everything they send you, including the ice packs and packaging, is recyclable.  Most important, it's YUMMY!

Anyway, Sun Basket has a program going on right now called Globetrotter.  The company is offering one meal a week that is from a different country.  They have 8 destinations planned for the program, Oaxaca Mexicao, Yucatan Mexico, Greece, Sicily Italy, Iran, India, Thailand and Mongolia.  Each meal has been wonderful and I really dig that they offer background info on the area that the food comes.

I wish that I could say that we had a product from each of these countries but, I can say that it is a goal.  For now, I will delight in the fact that we do have some of these countries covered and at least the food portion of the travel itch is being satisfied for me.

Here is a link to one of my favorite products from Thailand.  This Groovy Clutch has my name written all over it, you can click on the picture if you want to see the info on it. 

Groovy Clutch Purse from Thailand

My hope is that if you also have the travel bug and can't quite seem to get away, you will find a way to satisfy the itch. Whether it's food, shopping, or web surfing for pictures and articles, I wish you luck!

PS. I love to cook in our Love to Bake apron from India.

Love to Bake cotton apron from India


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