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Today Global Handmade Hope will be taking time to reflect on and honor the work of the United Nations as an organization. The UN works to promote human rights, social progress, and world peace.

While most people know of the United Nations and their work, there is a large portion of that same population who are not familiar with the concept of Fair Trade. There is also a subset of that population who is familiar with the term Fair Trade but does not know what the term Fair Trade means. In a nutshell, Fair Trade promotes and works for these same goals of promoting human rights, social progress, and world peace. Fair Trade takes the mentioned concepts and puts them into hard and actual business practices. You can read more detailed information on Fair Trade principals by visiting the Our Story page on our website.

In today's world of cheap and fast fashion for home and self, the reality of what these concepts do to people often gets overlooked. So today and every day I urge you to stop and think about your purchases. Have fun and treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry or Christmas decoration, just think about the person on the other end who made it and look for something that is Fair Trade.

Here is fun trivia fact. Did you know that the two olive branches, which symbolize peace can be seen on the UN emblem?

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