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Chances are those of you who follow me on any of the social media channels probably already know that I’m a huge fan of an organization called Global Citizen. As stated on the Global Citizen website, they unite people who want to learn about and take action on the world’s biggest challenges. They help fight extreme poverty and inequality around the world, and support approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and the planet. If you visit their website you will find all sorts of interesting articles and ways to get involved in a variety of topics such as: Girls and Women, Health, Education, Finance and Innovations, Food and Hunger, Water and Sanitation, Environment and Citizenship.

Recently one of Global Citizen writers penned a story on the upcoming Golden Globes. It highlights eight nominees that global citizens can get behind. I liked how the article provides a link to the issues that are really behind the stories being told in the cinematic films.

Here’s a quick recap on the films and the links that the author drew:


Mad Max: Fury Road for Best Motion Picture – Drama

The movie shows a post-apocalyptic dystopian world that won’t be coming true, if the Global Goals of the Global Citizen are met.


Spotlight: Best Motion Picture – Drama

It shows the power of journalism to tackle injustice and how journalists are often persecuted in their pursuit of truth and holding people accountable for their actions. The story line is about a group of reporters who investigate the allegations of sexual abuse by the Catholic priests in Boston.


The Big Short: Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

The film is about how a few investors predicted and benefited from the American housing bubble collapse and how this negatively affected economies around the world especially the poorest ones.


Idris Elba, Beasts of No Nation: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture

Elba shows the brutality and chilling lives lived by child soldiers. A quarter of a million children in the world are soldiers today. Elba portrays a West African warlord who captures, trains, and commands child soldiers during a civil war.


Emma Donoghue, Room: Best Screenplay – Motion Picture

The story line is about how a mother and her son escape a captor who held them for years in a small room. So, what does this have to do with being a Global Citizen? Well, the real story here is that Emma is the only female nominee in any individual category not specifically designated for women.


Mustang: Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language

The film highlights how damaging child marriage can be and what can happen when girls and women push back against the norms of child marriage in a society. The story line is about orphaned girls living in a remote Turkish area who are groomed for marriage from a very young age.


Transparent: Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy

The story line shows how important it is to respect and accept diversity. The series shares how the lives of a male college professor, who identified with being a woman, and those around him are affected when she revels her true identity.


Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant: Best Performance by and Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama

Lastly, the Global Citizen author highlights a theatrical performance by an active Global Citizen who recently appeared at the Global Citizen Festival to speak about the environment – Leonardo DiCaprio. The author summarizes DiCaprio’s performance as perhaps one his most memorable of 2015. DiCaprio stars with Tom Hardy in this story set in the wilderness of the American frontier in the 1820’s.


So, as I watch the Golden Globes tonight and work on the detail tasks of getting ready for our upcoming Atlanta AmericasMart Gift Show I’ll be thinking about the real issues behind the films.

For those of you who want to know more about Global Citizen here is a link to their website: 

 Also, I want to say “Thanks” to Hans Glick for the article on the nominees, you took the experience of watching the Globes to whole new level!

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sara russell:

Have fun in Atlanta- that’s a great show to attend- I’m actually going to New York later- Jan will see you in Chicago(?) depending on the weather??!?!?!
Anyway- did you hear Leonardo di Caprio’s acceptance speech- when he talked about preserving the rights and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the earth! YEAHHH
Love the bunnies- will order soon! :>)


Jan 14, 2016

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