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I truly enjoy watching the birds. They amaze me with their graceful flights and lovely songs. Birds bring me great peace. This happiness is what inspired our line of wild bird ornaments.


We took great care in the design of our wild bird ornaments. We printed out several different pictures from all angles of each species. Next, our skillful Peruvian artisans went to work. It took a few revisions to get the birds to look so realistic. I must say, I am extremely pleased with the way they turned out. I hope they will bring smiles to other birders faces and warm their hearts.


While I have known about the Audubon Society and their work to educate and count the birds, I just learned about their Christmas Bird Count thanks to an article written by Christine Hill in the Greenability Magazine.


The Audubon Society volunteers have been gathering for 116 years to count winter birds. This year the Christmas Bird Count began December 14 and runs till January 5. Less experienced birders are paired with more experienced volunteers and counting locations can vary from fields to your own backyard bird feeders. There are numerous ways to become involved. In fact, there is an event coming up in the Kansas City area on Dec 27th.


Here is the link to information concerning the events. I hope my fellow birders find the information helpful.


Audubon Society’s web page for the Christmas Bird Count:


The picture posted at the top of this blog of the Red-Bellied Woodpecker was taken by Linda Williams.


Here are the pictures and links to our Wild Bird Ornaments.  They aren't just for Christmas, you can enjoy them all year around.  We hope to bring you more in the near future.


Click to see the Alpaca Woodpecker Ornament

Click here to see the Alpaca Cardinal Ornament

Click here to see the Alpaca Blue Jay Ornament

Click here to see the Alpaca Hummingbird Ornament

Click here to see the Cotton Gold Finch Ornament



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