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I recently returned from a trip to Peru where I had the fortune of working with our artisan partners. Our knitters are in the Puno area of Peru, which is located high in   the Andes. It is situated around Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and is commonly referred to as the largest navigable lake in the world


The trip was wonderful, exciting and tiring all at the same time. We worked 14 hour days completing the finishing touches on new designs and discussing next years new products.  For those of you have traveled to the highlands, you know no trip is ever completed without experiencing the infamous altitude sickness. You see Puno is elevated at 12,507 feet. But, in my opinion the trip is worth it!


In addition to work, I did fit in a fun tour of the Lake. I learned about the man made reed islands and the island culture. It was very fascinating and if you ever make it to the area, I highly suggest you invest the couple of hours.


These trips always ignite the fire and passion that lies within my soul and serve as a reminder as to why I entered the fair trade business world. It’s because each product represents a person and the promise of bright future. Not only do I get to connect with old friends but I also get to meet new individuals that have been brought into the groups due to your orders. I learn about how their lives are improving and enjoy seeing their children happily playing around them. I am always greeted with warm smiles as well as lots of hugs and kisses.


The trips are filled with genuine, touching moments. I will attempt to share these moments with you by sharing some of my pictures. I hope you will enjoy seeing the beautiful smiles your support creates and the hard work that our partners do to bring you your items.  


The artisans always express a great deal of gratitude for the work and say that they hope the orders will continue to come. They are eager to work and you can see the pride they feel in their ability to provide for their families. So, please accept this blog as my attempt to pass along their gratitude for your support.


The bottom of this blog will feature a few of the new items that these groups make. Please consider supporting our artisans by purchasing some of their hand made gifts. Their fair trade alpaca ornaments make great Christmas gifts especially for holiday ornament exchanges. I personally love the Alpaca Nativity. Enjoy!


Click here to visit the Alpaca and Santa and Elf Ornaments


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Click here to visit the Alpaca Bear Ornaments


Click here to visit the Alpaca Nativity Set


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