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We are super excited to be holding an in store event! It's been quite a while and we have three reasons to celebrate.

What are the reasons you ask? 

  1. World Fair Trade Day (really all fair traders celebrate this the whole month though)
  2. Cinco de Mayo
  3. Cook County (County of Edison Park, Chicago) of Illinois passed Sweat Free Ordinance 

     World Fair Trade Day was started by World Fair Trade Organization on the second Sunday of May every year! Fair Trade businesses are celebrated around the world and various events are held to help promote the practice and principles of fair trade. The 9 principles stated by Fair Trade Federation which Global Handmade Hope is a member of are as follows:

  1. Create Opportunity
  2. Develop Transparent & Accountable Relationships
  3. Build Capacity
  4. Promote Fair Trade
  5. Pay Promptly & Fairly
  6. Support Safe & Empowering Working Conditions
  7. Ensure the Rights of Children
  8. Cultivate Environmental Stewardship
  9. Respect Cultural Identities 

     #9 is what we are doing this Cinco de Mayo.  We are bringing attention to other cultural traditions  and we are celebrating them! We observe this holiday in celebration of the Mexican heritage.  Cinco de Mayo is often mistaken to be the celebration of Mexican Independence Day.  In reality it observed to recognize the victory of the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  

Margaritas will be served to those who are of age and discounts will be given.   Join us in this celebration of nationalities, fair trade, and the Cook County's newly passed ordinance!!  

Here's the scoop on ordinance,  on April 30th the county passed an ordinance that states that companies who make uniforms and goods for the county are required to sign legal papers stating that their items are not made in sweatshops or in sweatshop like manners. This ordinance requires the county to look into who actually makes and provides the goods to them and to not just select the lowest bid.  The goal is to eliminate goods that are produced by child labor, slavery, or in unsafe working conditions. This ordinance makes Cook County the largest sweat free municipality in the United States! 

So come celebrate and enjoy your drinks while looking at exceptional fair trade gifts! 


This event is free! Come in for special sales and beautiful Mother's Day gifts while sipping on some drinks and mingling with friends! Please invite your friends!


Written by Arielle Besyk

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