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     At Global Handmade Hope we try to keep up on global events and holidays. However, some slip by like "May Day". Cynthia and I agreed that May Day was the first (unofficial/official) day of summer and May. We thought the warmer weather in Chicago was a great reason to post some Twitter buzz on this #MayDay, but as we looked at our feed it was full of labor movement and appreciation tweets.

     From my understanding, of course after some research to really get to the bottom of this,  May Day is International Labour Day. International Labour Day is mostly celebrated in other countries while the United States celebrates Labor Day in September. The United States acknowledged that the country’s workers needed to be recognized for their hard work, but not at the same time as the International Labor Day of May Day. This is believed to be due to the historical background of the Chicago Haymarket Affair. This all started May 4th, 1886 in Chicago when workers were on strike for an 8 hour work day. This strike quickly turned violent with police open firing at the protesters and someone set a bomb off. United States wanted their Labor Day to be a celebration versus a memorial and recurring protest against work.

     Global Handmade Hope likes to celebrate multiple traditions and multicultural events! Therefore, we would like to say thank you to all the workers in the world. International workers, you are not forgotten and we recognize that the world continues to move forward because of your efforts! We are a global community and without one gear the machine would not continue to run smoothly. Special shout out to our cooperatives and artisans that work all over the world that provide the beautiful products that we carry. We in turn hope that we provide good fair trade business that help sustain yours! Have a beautiful day and if you’re in Chicago, ‘Keep calm and enjoy the weather!’

Written by Arielle Besyk

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