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Earth Day is April 22rd!

Start planning how you're going to make a difference this Earth Day!

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Earth Day started in the 1970's as a movement to become more environmentally conscious. Today, Earth Day is the single most popular day that is globally recognized to continue the movement and our progression to a more sustainable and healthier environmental future. Many cities, towns, and neighborhoods hold communal events such as cleaning a park, planting trees, or recycling drop spots to invite others to participate in making the Earth a better place for all. You can read more about the history of how Earth Day started on and check with your local communities' website or government office for events nearest you!

There are so many ways to contribute to Earth Day!

Global Handmade Hope is proud to say that we continuously make an effort to partner with our producers to create our products in the most efficient and eco-friendly way as possible. Two special fair trade product lines I'd like to feature are our Haitian Metal Oil Drum Wall Art and Tagua Nut Accessories

Fair Trade Haitian Metal Oil Drum Wall Art

Our metal wall art are made in Haiti by a cooperative who is focusing on rebuilding their community. In addition to providing employment opportunities these pieces help fund building and water projects within the community and counseling services. The cooperative workers will partner with companies who donate or sell the oil drums to them. Once the cooperative receives the oil drum they will cut both ends off and the drum in half. After, they must flatten the metal in order to design, cut, and hammer the details on it. Below is a video showing workers in different steps of the process. This is not our cooperative or our video. However, the process is the same. It's amazing what a recycled metal, proper tools, and a lot of attention to detail can make!

Fair Trade Tagua Accessories

Tagua is made from a nut from a resembling palm leaf plant, but instead of coconuts. They produce a cluster of pods that within that pod are the fruit and seeds that are edible until the fruit fully matures and turn the seeds hard. The harden seed feels and looks like ivory, which is why they are nicknamed the vegetable ivory. It's a safe and humane alternative to ivory. Once the seed is taken out of the shell it is, cut, carved, polished, glossed, and in some cases painted to create a variety of products. This is just one way we help play our part in being eco-friendly and recycling. Below are pictures of the tagua lifespan.
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Be sure to participate in this year's Earth Day even if it is buying yourself a little something special from recycled sustainable materials. You will continue to put typical waste to good use by maintaining creation of these products. These product have dual purpose. They not only aid in a cleaner environment, but they help those who are struggling to find clean water, pay for their children's education, or provide medical help to those whom are in desperate need of it. Have a beautiful day!


Written By: Arielle Besyk 



omg I adore them all !! they’re totally MY kind of butntos ! Love all those materials, hues & textures ! thanks so much for sharing, my friend ! oxoxo

Dec 22, 2015

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