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Recently one of our Pintrest re-pins has been getting a lot of attention. Meaning, that the pin has been re-pinned by hundreds of other Pintrest enthusiasts. An article written by Danielle L. Vermeer called “A 5 step guide to Ethical Fashion” is what all the buzz is about.


Danielle began a journey not to buy new clothing unless it was ethically or sustainable made. Danielle felt somewhat overwhelmed when she first began her commitment, a sentiment that even those of us in the fair trade field can relate to. So, in hopes of helping others tackle this feat she wrote a wonderful article that we would like to pass along. I won’t recap the article because I believe you should read it for yourself. That being said, I will provide you with the key points in hopes of enticing you to read her article.

1: Research Ethical Fashion

2: Look into Your Favorite Fashion Brands

3: Hold Your Favorite Fashion Brands Accountable

4: Support Sustainable Fashion Companies

5: Buy Less & Buy Smarter


Just this week, I found another article that also speaks to ethical fashion. This one was written by Christina Robert and is called “Sustainability: What slow fashion means to me and why I choose to wear my values.” I also pinned this article to our Pintrest board called Fair Trade Fashion. She does a great job explaining what “Slow Fashion” is all about and how it makes us truly happy. It is another great article that I believe is worthy your time and that you should read to get the full story.


I hope you will find these articles as interesting as I and other Pintrest enthusiasts have found them to be. I also hope that they will inspire you “to be the change you want to see in the world.”


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Here are the links to the articles and our Pintrest page where the articles are posted.

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