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Today is #FairTuesday which we celebrate during the first full week after Thanksgiving to encourage others to buy fair trade products which help end poverty, hunger, sex trafficking and so many other social justice issues ! This day has been written to be a fair day in our U.S. history books too! Today was the ratification of the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery in the United States.

However, slavery didn't stop just because it was abolished. Unfortunately, all countries did not follow suite. There are several forms of slavery that still exists today such as:
Forced Labor (forced work usually in awful conditions and without an option to leave)
Child Slavery (children forced into labor, sex, marriage, etc)
Sex Trafficking (forced into prostitution without an option to leave)
Bonded Labor (forced Labor to repay a debt)

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Many of these types of slavery usually are not conducted in safe or clean working conditions, protection is not used during sex, and there is rarely an option or opportunity of freedom. Also, there are many individuals born into this environment, because their parents were victims and the slavery continues into the next generations. There are thousands of groups that assist governments in stopping, bringing awareness to, and preventing continuation of slavery or now more commonly known as human trafficking. However, that is still not enough, because we have not seen an end to human trafficking yet.

Below is a map that roughly shows where human trafficking and slavery still exist.


All this being said, there are many ways for you to help:

* Donate to an organization that helps prevent, stop, and recover those in slavery.
* Volunteer at one of these organizations
* Be fair! Purchase products labeled as fair trade certified or from companies that participate in screening practices form organizations such as Fair Trade Federation or World Fair Trade Organization ! Your Fair Trade purchase is helping people who may have come from one of the forms of human trafficking, or who may have had to rely on someone who will deceived them into slavery, or whom would not have been able to be educated or help their community members stop and prevent the progression of such acts.
* Lastly, you can share. Share this blog, make your own, share links for donations. In the age of Internet we can create large awareness for things just by a singular post!

Below I've provided links to organizations whom devote themselves to this cause.

Again these are just the tip of the iceberg. So many more organizations are out there that help as well. So, if you know of any or have any stories comment below! We want to hear from you.


Written by Arielle Besyk

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