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I believe in recognizing a job well done and this time I’m giving an “At-a-Boy” to Starbucks. I was thrilled to read that the coffee giant formed a partnership with Feed America and Food Donation Connection. Starbucks will now donate 100% of their unused food to the above-mentioned charities.


In the first year alone, it is estimated that this partnership will provide 5 million meals to people in need. That is a big deal when it is estimated that more than 48 million US citizens live in food-insecure households.


In follow up to my last blog post about France banning supermarket waste and the statistics that I mentioned, I thought you would find these numbers interesting.


* More than 48 million US citizens live in food-insecure households.

* Only 60% of the food produced in the US used

* 70 billion pounds of annual food waste cost the US $165 billion each year


“At-a-Boy” Starbucks and here’s to hoping that their lead will propel others in the food industry and beyond to find ways to help families living in poverty.


Thanks Joe McCarthy for your blog on the story!

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