Every Fair Trade Purchase Improves A Families Life

Thoughts About Fair Trade Subjects

World Kindness Day and Random Acts of Kindness Suggestions

Kindness is a word that can be defined in many ways. Some people define kindness as holding the door open for a stranger or volunteering for a cause that is near and dear to their heart, and others will still have another definition of the word. The one thing that...

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A Day To Celebrate And Honor The United Nations

Today Global Handmade Hope will be taking time to reflect on and honor the work of the United Nations as an organization. The UN works to promote human rights, social progress, and world peace. While most people know of the United Nations and their work, there is a large portion...

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Fair Trade Verification and Certification - What Do These Terms Mean?

  The Difference Between Fair Trade Verification and Certification   October is Fair Trade Month so we thought it was a good time to recap the differences between Fair trade verification and Fair Trade certification for our readers. Recently the Fair Trade Federation, who we are proud members of, published...

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