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Thoughts About Fair Trade Subjects

International Day for Tolerance

Today, November 16th, Global Handmade Hope would like to celebrate the United Nations International Day for Tolerance. In light of today’s current social climate, it seems to be especially clear how important it is to acknowledge and practice this message of cultural respect, toleration and dignity. As members of the...

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International Day of the Girl 2016 - Girls' Progress = Goals' Progress: What Counts for Girls

Today is October 11th and it is has been declared International Day of the Girl Child. So, what does this really mean? It is a day to focus on building a better world for everyone, including the 1.1 billion girls in the world who often are at a disadvantage due...

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World Habitat Day

Did you know that October 3rd was World Habitat Day?  I did and I intended to get this blog out on that day but, as every entrepreneur knows there is too much to do and not enough time. So, even though I am a couple of days late I still...

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