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Thoughts About Fair Trade Subjects

Child Marriage - Children have opinions, feelings, and limits too!

When you hear child bride what do you think of? I picture multiple girls lined up holding much older men’s hands. However, girls are not the only ones affected boys are too. The difference is that girls in these developing countries are often viewed as just another mouth to feed and...

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#RedNoseDay for the Fun of Helping Others!

What’s the deal with all the red clown noses?   Today, United States is hosting our first Red Nose Day!   See our store mascot? She is all for it too!   Our store mascot is supporting  an end to poverty  #RedNoseDay pic.twitter.com/8uoyesaz5u — Global Handmade Hope (@globalhandshope) May 21,...

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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo and World Fair Trade Day!

We are super excited to be holding an in store event! It's been quite a while and we have three reasons to celebrate. What are the reasons you ask?  World Fair Trade Day (really all fair traders celebrate this the whole month though) Cinco de Mayo Cook County (County of...

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