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Thoughts About Fair Trade Subjects

That's Right - Rugs and the Nobel Peace Prize have Something in Common

What do hand woven rugs and the Nobel Peace Prize have in common? Answer: Kailash Satyarthi.   You see, in 2014 Kailash won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end child slavery and the promotion of education. He is the founder of GoodWeave International, formerly Rugmark, which is...

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A Trip to Puno, Peru and a Wonderful Visit with our Fair Trade Artisan Partners

I recently returned from a trip to Peru where I had the fortune of working with our artisan partners. Our knitters are in the Puno area of Peru, which is located high in   the Andes. It is situated around Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and is...

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Child Marriage - Children have opinions, feelings, and limits too!

When you hear child bride what do you think of? I picture multiple girls lined up holding much older men’s hands. However, girls are not the only ones affected boys are too. The difference is that girls in these developing countries are often viewed as just another mouth to feed and...

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